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We as professionals are flexible with the cost of your services.

Flat Rate Service Price


Standard Hourly Rates

We have a 4-hour on site minimum charge and all travel time and mileage are additional. Case retainers are required on new accounts.

Hourly Rates - $100 - $175 per hour / per investigator

Travel Time - $100 per hour / per investigator

Mileage - $0.75 per mile

Additional Miscellaneous Expenses - Charged At Cost (Receipts will be provided)

"RUSH CASES" - An additional 10% will be added to the total invoice on all RUSH cases

Please call us regarding our rates for database searches, locates, interviews, service of court process, and our special independent contractor rates for private investigations Statewide.

Hourly Rates, Flat Rates and Normal Business Hour Rates are determined by the nature, location, and security risk of the case, and the training and experience required of the investigator.


The above are the firm's base investigation rates. However, every case presented to our firm is assessed on its own merits according to the work to be done, the skill sets of the investigator required for the case, and the safety and security of the investigator's working environment. Any of these factors may increase the hourly rate, additional expenses, and/or the requirement of a retainer prior to the investigation beginning.

No-Obligation Phone Consultations Available

Consult Our Security Specialists 

Background Investigations

Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments

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